Dew Point, Surface Temperature, Ambient Conditions - the Disregarded Trio

Concrete moisture – often talked about and often blamed for “moisture related issues”. But is it always moisture coming from or through the concrete? In this presentation, David Seland will present and discuss this often-disregarded trio of factors – dew point, surface temperature, ambient conditions - that if not contained results in condensation. This natural phenomenon can have devastating effects on the integrity of a floorcovering installation. David will share his own experiences from the floorcovering inspection world and show how to identify and manage these conditions.

Presenter’s bio/experience: David Seland is a Senior Principal and Founder of ISE Logik Industries. Over the past 35 years he has worked in a wide range of positions in the building products industry including floorcoverings, coatings, and substrates. As one of the top independent building products failure analysts focused on coverings and coatings applied to substrates, David directed over 5,000 on site field inspections throughout the Americas for product manufacturers, project owners, and construction managers. David’s expertise and determination for innovative and proactive solutions for concrete moisture control led to the formation of ISE Logik Industries – dedicated to stopping moisture vapor in its tracks. David is an active member of FCITS, CFI, FCICA, and FCICA’s FIT Program Revision Committee.

Date Presented:
November 19, 2020 11:00 AM Eastern
1 hour
Dew Point, Surface Temperature, Ambient Conditions - the Disregarded Trio
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