The Person Everyone Dreads: The Floorcovering Inspector

In this webinar, David Seland, Senior Principal and Founder of ISE Logik Industries will discuss the role of the floorcovering inspector, from site review and inspections to failure analysis and post-inspection conclusions and reports. David will provide participants with a comprehensive backstage view into the floorcovering inspection world - training and certification, commissioning party relationship, residential vs. commercial inspector, pre-inspection and jobsite history – and the effects these variables may have upon the inspection. Gathering from his years of being in the field as a floorcovering inspector, David will share experiences from actual inspections and how participants can properly plan for a floorcovering inspection event.

Date Presented:
March 18, 2021 12:00 PM Eastern
1 hour
The Person Everyone Dreads: The Floorcovering Inspector
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