Milliken's Moisture Solutions for the Flooring Industry

It seems as if all the planning in the world can not prepare us for what we encounter when the flooring installation job starts. And once the flooring is in place, we tend to be at the mercy of whatever may be in or below the concrete slab. Whether it’s moisture, chemical reactions or other unknowns, Milliken has developed a breathable, cushion-backed carpet tile that can thrive in these environments. Our unique cushion-backed modular carpet tile has a very long history of success, along with ZERO moisture failures, that provide ease of install and peace of mind. In this webinar, Russell will review how the performance characteristics of the cushion-backed carpet tile provide lasting benefits, to the customer, as well as the dealer and installer. He'll explain the root cause for some of the more common flooring failures and why Milliken’s science-based solutions work.  

Date Presented:
May 13, 2021 12:00 PM Eastern
Online Webinar
1 hour
Milliken's Solutions for the Flooring Industry
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