What to Expect from a Flooring Inspector

In this webinar, veteran inspectors Ricky Bunker and Linda Lockwood will share lessons they've learned during their 29 years in the flooring inspection industry. They'll offer simple steps you can use to turn a negative (complaint inspection) into a positive experience for you and your customer; recommend ways you can protect yourself from future claims, and review new problems they've discovered with Luxury Vinyl products. 

What the webinar will address:

• You know what an inspector's role is - but what do they do?

• How you can benefit from an inspection?

• The importance of proper field tests and observations

• New Luxury Vinyl problems

• How you can help the flooring inspector — so they can help you!

Linda Lockwood and Ricky Bunker, owners, CFI University, had years of experience in the flooring industry before starting their inspection careers in 1992. With the knowledge gained from their 58 years of combined inspection experience, they founded Certified Flooring Inspectors University (CFIU) in 2018 and still actively inspect full-time. The CFIU inspection program is thorough, challenging, and rewarding — to ensure the flooring industry has access to the most expertly trained and qualified inspectors.

April 21, 2022
Online Webinar
What to Expect from a Flooring Inspector
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