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        The Certified Installation Manager (CIM) program includes 8 modules with assessments. Each module must be viewed before moving to its associated assessment. Assessment test questions are derived from both the speaker's video and presentation slides. Each assessment must be passed with 80% or greater to move to the next module.

        • CIM Handbook - helpful documents and information about the program
        • CIM Toolbox - relevant forms to accompany the program's content
        1. Utilizing the Estimate to Establish and Manage Installation Costs
        2. Planning the Job
        3. Understanding Contractual Obligations
        4. Scheduling and Assigning Resources for Installation
        5. Managing On-site Conditions
        6. Managing Change Orders On-site
        7. Financial Management; Budget vs. Actual
        8. Closing out the Job

        NOTE: The Module 8 test is not listed with the rest of the content.


        The procedures established in the Certified Installation Manager (CIM) Program are based in well-founded industry-established methodologies, but FCICA expressly disclaims any warranty – express or implied – as to the utilization of these procedures when implemented by any user in a specific application, regardless of whether that user has been accredited under this Program. Any warranties imputed by law are hereby waived to the maximum extent allowed.

        Furthermore, any damage caused by the use, or mis-use of materials or procedures demonstrated herein or in this course is solely the responsibility of the user of the materials or procedures and the user hereby indemnifies and holds harmless FCICA and the CIM program as well as their officer, directors, and agents from any and all liability arising out of the use of the CIM Program procedures and materials suggested therein.

        CIM Candidates may be entered into the CIM mentoring program and contacted by a member of the mentoring team. FCICA and the CIM Program will maintain the confidentiality of CIM candidates and their contact information, financial information, test results, and all certification-related materials not otherwise deemed public information. Notwithstanding the above, FCICA and the CIM Program reserve the right to release or publish the identity and contact information of CIM candidates who have successfully completed the CIM Program.

        All CIM program content, assessment tests, and materials that you receive (the “Proprietary Materials”) are proprietary and confidential. Applicant agrees to use all reasonable care to maintain the confidential nature of the Proprietary Materials, and not to use or allow others to use the Proprietary Materials for any purpose outside the scope of the CIM Program. The Proprietary Materials are copyrighted [2015] by the Floor Covering Installation Contractors Association. Inc. (“FCICA”) and may not be shared, transferred, copied, or reproduced, and shall remain property of FCICA. CIM Program participants must follow federal, state and local safety and health regulations or requirements.

        By submitting this application, I attest to having read and understood the CIM Code of Conduct and pledge to uphold it to the best of my ability.

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        Module 1: Utilizing the Estimate
        • Challenges in preparing labor estimates
        • Steps for preparing an accurate estimate
        • Best practices for preparing and verifying the estimate
        • Phases of installation or job cut-offs – materials management_
        • Type of jobsite and jobsite environment variables
        • Labor sourcing – specifications and availability
        • Verifying estimate to jobsite – pre-walk assessment
        Speaker Information
        Terry Wheat  [ view bio ]
        Module 1 Assessment
        Module 2: Planning the Job

        Topics include:

        • Challenges in Planning the Job
        • Pre-job Review
        • Steps for Planning the Job
        • The Warehouse Manager’s Responsibilities for Planning the Job
        • Hand-off Process
        • Reading the plans and specifications
        • Test documentation
        • Tools and Equipment requirements
        • Qualified labor
        • Best Practices
        Speaker Information
        Gerry Swift CIM  [ view bio ]
        Module 2 Assessment
        Module 3: Understanding Contractual Obligations
        • Current plans (all addendums) scope; inclusions/exclusions
        • Change order protocol
        • Submittals
        • Approved shop drawings
        • Attic stock
        • Labor requirements – regular hours/ off hours, T&M “ticket work”
        • Moisture testing
        • Phasing
        • Certified payroll
        • Project meeting obligations (customer contacts)
        • Best practices for understanding contractual obligations



        Speaker Information
        Sloan Bailey  [ view bio ]
        Module 3 Assessment
        Module 4: Scheduling and Assigning Resources for Installation
        • Challenges to scheduling and assigning resources
        • Criteria for superior leadership
        • Conducting a work -n-progress (WIP) meeting
        • Long-range scheduling pre-installation steps
        • Short-range scheduling installation steps
        • Scheduling logistics – material delivery, substrate evaluation, material lead times
        • Best practices for scheduling and assigning resources for installation
        Speaker Information
        Mike Newberry CIM  [ view bio ]
        Module 4 Assessment
        Module 5: Managing On-site Conditions
        • Challenges to managing on-site conditions
        • The IM’s responsibilities for managing on-site conditions
        • Manufacturer installation requirements
        • Initial meeting with client
        • Job site communications
        • Staying on schedule
        • Best practices for managing on-site conditions
        Speaker Information
        Tom Lutz  [ view bio ]
        Module 5a: Managing Materials on the Jobsite
        • Material scheduling
        • Acclimation
        • Storing
        • Delivery
        • Accessibility for material delivery  to area of installation
        • Designate a location where materials can be stored during installation.
        • Coordinate deliveries
        • Protecting the flooring
        • Properly protect installed material from other trades.
        • Best practices for managing materials on the jobsite
        Speaker Information
        J.R. Allred  [ view bio ]
        Module 5: Assessment
        Module 6: Managing Change Orders On-site
        • Empower foreman
        • On-site change orders
        • When to take the foreman out of the picture
        • Change orders addressed up front
        • Contract text
        • Managing deadlines
        • Types of change orders
        • Best practices for managing change orders on-site
        Speaker Information
        Mike Newberry CIM  [ view bio ]
        Module 6: Assessment
        Module 7: Financial Management: Budget vs. Actual
        • Challenges to tracking labor and job status
        • Tracking the labor productivity and job status process
        • Punch list sign-offs
        • The electronic labor tracking system
        • Best practices for financial management
        Speaker Information
        Terry Wheat  [ view bio ]
        Module 7a: Handling Claims on the Jobsite
        • Understanding product claims
        • Handling adhesive claims
        • Complete overview of the claims process
        • Best practices for handling claims on the jobsite
        Speaker Information
        Sonny Callaham  [ view bio ]
        Sim Crisler  [ view bio ]
        John Kozak  [ view bio ]
        Module 7: Assessment
        Module 8: Closing Out the Job
        • Challenges to completing the job
        • Seven job completion functions
        • Punch list completion/sign-off
        • Close out meeting
        • O & M documents
        • Margin erosion/enhancement
        • Best practices for closing out the job


        Speaker Information
        J.R. Allred  [ view bio ]
        Amy Johnston CIM  [ view bio ]
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        Certified Installation Manager (CIM) Program
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